July 28, 2016
Hi guys, it has been a long time ...

Thought that I didn't write on this blog again. (I moved from blogspot to tumblr, and can't handle this and that account in the same time).

Fyi, I deleted all the content on this blog, i try to renew it. I think it would be better if this blog contents gives benefit to my dearest readers. (since the old one talks about personal live too often ... just forgive me 😂😂).

Then what would I write about here?

Lately I became so interested in "beauty blog" (kind of blog that gives you tips on the best beauty, makeup and skincare tricks) but i'm not that expert to talk about it so well, so i'll give you review or information based on my experience and absolutely within the limits of my knowledge.

See ya soon on my very first post!

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