How to Use Clay Mask in a Right Way?

September 27, 2016
It was so close to midnight, means blogging time!! 
I just finished entry one stacks of documents. And realized that i have two drafts of post that i don't finish it yet. 

*Did i tell you too much about my private life again (?)

Clay mask is a must for you who have oily skin and prone acne skin. 
Ever hear this before?? 

Jadi, seperti yang udah dijelasin di post sebelumnya kalo clay mask itu tipe masker deep cleansing pore yang memanfaatkan kandungan mineral dari lumpur (clay = mud). One of blog that i read says  "Clay masks have been used for centuries as a means to keep the skin supple and moisturized". 

For good reason. Based on my experience, clay mask worth to try. 
Ya karena efeknya kerasa, it was so good to get rid my acne and even lessening acne scars on my face.

Every clay has it's own benefit on your face guys. As long as i know:
1. Bentonite clay
No doubt for it's absorbsing capabilities. This one is best clay for oily skin. 
*acnes tea tree oil clay mask adalah salah satu dari sekian produk yang make bentonite dalam produknya  
2. Fuller’s Earth Clay
3. Kaolin Clay 
4. French Green Clay.
5. Rhassoul Clay.

Kesalahan yang banyak kita lakukan ketika menggunakan masker adalah menganggap bahwa semakin lama kita pake, maka kandungan masker bakal ngefek lebih maksimal ke muka kita. Apalagi membiarkannya semalaman dan baru membilasnya di pagi hari. 
Please just end up this mindset.

Especially for clay mask, never ever use it that way. Karena clay mask punya 3 fase ketika dipake ke kulit kita.

First phase called damp phase, pada fase ini kulit kita mulai mengambil mineral dari clay mask.
After that, the start of dry phase (second phase) dimana masker akan menstimulasi aliran darah di wajah. And the last one is the dry phase. Pada fase ini uap air mulai keluar dari permukaan kulit (draws out moisture from your skin) sehingga kulit akan mengalami dehidrasi dan iritasi. 
*For more read this.

So, for next time use it wisely. When it is starting to dry (the color of mask in your face is getting brighter than before), rinse it. Or you can read "how to use", 10 till 15 minutes are enough for clay mask.

Emang gampang-gampang susah nyari produk yang ngefek maksimal ke kulit kita. 
Sometimes you have to do a bit of research to find skin care products that really fits your skin needs.  

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