My Package From Korea Has Arrived!

November 11, 2017
Hi dear! Some couple weeks ago my cousin went to korea for conferences delegates. And she asked me if i want some skin care or cosmetic there, and that sounded great!

I just asked for Missha Magic Cushion because i find it too expensive here. And i couldn't ask for more for what i got!

Thankyou so much ❤

1. Missha Magic Cushion No. 23
2. Nature Republic Bamboo Charcoal
3. Nature Republic Mask Sheet Bamboo 
4. Nature Republic Mask Sea Butter
5. The Face Shop Natural Eco Sun

I'm gonna try it one by one start from Missha Magic Cushion. Actually i have checked Missha Magic Cushion price on it's counter at Tunjungan Plaza and it was more than 250K. I forgot how much actually it was. Fyi, the price in korea was only 120K.

So, it's quite normal when you find some olshop sell korean product cheaper than it's official counter. The one who sell it from one door could be cheaper than someone who sell it through some doors. As long as it is trusted.

I'll definitelly make a review about those above as soon as possible, nowadays my schedule is a little bit messy.
Have a nice day dear!

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