[Review] Cocoa Butter Utama Spice Bali

Hi Dear, happy fasting!
It has been a while since i don't use body butter product, the weather is getting cold somehow. And you know that fall and cold season will decrease the humidity, it can be the main causes of skin dryness. Even for sesitive skin, it will make the skin getting worst because a little bit hard for them to get their condition balance.

And I'm so excited to try this one. Yappp ... We're gonna review Cocoa Butter from Utama Spice Bali!! It's a Natural Aromatherapy Product with pure cocoa butter. It contains VCO, Cocoa seed butter, Vanilla pod and Cinnamon bark. This product also synthetic free, cruelty free and paraben free.

This really can be the solution because it is a supreme hydrating cocoa seed butter that great for dry skin, sensitive and sun damaged skin, this product has a healing power in chocolate form.

This product is totally 100% local product and handmade in Bali. Yeuuu ... This cocoa butter packaged in a 100 ml round pot. You can smell really-tasty-and-sweet-chocolate smell even just from the package.

It has soft texture like a butter with pale yellow color, a bit greasy but i think it's perfect for massage and also treatment for really dry skin part like elbow, knee and heel. It's a most women's problem where their heel feel itchy and sore because it's cracked and have a really dry condition. And this one is so good for that. I have tried it and my heel got better and softer after use it for a week.

- really hydrating dry skin
- bettering skin texture
- smells good
- make your skin softer

- the texture tends to be greasy and sticky
- you have to save in a cool tempetaratures

IDR 165K, you can shop it at their website too at www.utamaspicebali.com :)


For you guys who have a really dry skin, i bet you'll love it!
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Hope your day get blessed!

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