Turmeric Face Mask from Utama Spice

Hi dear ... Assalamualaikum, hope you guys doing well :)
Todaaay i'm going to make a review about Temu-Temu Face Mask from Utama Spice, yaaay!!

Fyi, i'm a little bit doubt to try this one as i ever told you about cinnamons facemask goes wrong that made my face burn. And i swear that i will never try it again for sure.

Then i try this one for the very first time and share it with you about this product performance. Before all my review, i should thanks to Utama Spice for having me as the reviewer of their product. Tbh, your product has a really good composition and i hope you can be primary choice for everyone skin care. :)

This face mask is made of pure turmeric powder and absolutely 100% natural. When i opened the packaged i smell something kind of clay and turn out it made of clay too. The blend of clay and turmeric traditionally known for it's gentle cleansing and anti-aging properties. As for me, these day i do much activity on the outside so i got much sun kissed and my skin looks so dull. Hope it can make my face a little bit brighter yet natural.

The directions of how to use this facemask is so simple, you just have to prepare small amount of fresh water, and i used purified or mineral water instead of tap water. Combine it with the mask powder, one tea spoon is enough. Mix till make a light paste. And apply it to your face evenly, it will be great if you use paint brush but finger is enough for me. lol. Hmmm ... i think it will be great too if you used rose water instead of purified water. But i don't have it at home rn.

After applied, it doesn't need long time to dry, it dries perfectly on my face in 5 minutes. At that moment you will feel tight like something get pulled all over your face. And what you have to do is rinse it. This time i only rinse it with water (normal temperature) without facewash, then just let it dry or dry it with clean tissue. The reason why i don't use facewash? Because before i applied the mask, i already washed my face use facewash to make sure that my skin clean and the nutrition of the mask can absorb perfectly. :)
You know that wash your face often is not good for your skin pH.

What i feel after i rinse it? My face looks brighter, anw i forgot to tell you that when you applied the mask, you may feel a little bit itchy on some part of your face. I am not sure what's reaction that was, but it can be because my skin is so sensitive. So i rinse it as soon as it dry. 

Does it make my skin dry/moist after use the mask? I can say that this face mask make my skin a little bit dry at some part. But it great to T-zone that be the most oily part of my skin. If you have combination skin type you'll know what i mean. Maybe it is because of the clay power. My face feel fresh and light after more than a month never have me time for face mask. 

This powder mask packaged in 50 gr pot pack. Has a simple design yet eye catching. And the powder is so soft without any strong smell. 

- easy to apply
- doesn't take much time
- doesn't smell strong
- make my skin brighter

- make some part of my skin feel dry, but not too much


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You have to know that my skin is a little bit sensitive, the product that i have tried may be good for you but not me or the opposite. Kinda you guys understand :) 

Overall i like the product of Utama Spice because it is 100% natural, without paraben, cruelty or artificial. 

Utilizing the goodness of nature is always a good idea, right?


  1. I think the facial mask I'm using now would work really great on you as well. It's americano mask and has special treatments for T-zone and C or U zone(you can choose). Hope you try it!

    1. Hi Meeri!
      Thankyou for your recommendation, i may try it later :)


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